Project Overview
Increase the user's motivation to stream constantly on Twitch

3 months
My Role
UX Researcher & UX/UI Designer

Corey Kizee

What is Twitch?
- Twitch is a live-streaming platform owned by Amazon.
- It is the most popular destination on the internet to watch streamers in real-time play video games, perform music, and other various live shows
-The site has 27 million daily viewers, and 6 million content streamers, and some estimate the value of the company at 15 billion dollars
Problem Statement - Streaming is An Unrewarding experience
Imagine putting yourself online for hours without any viewers or engagement. It can feel disheartening and often makes streamers quit streaming.
According to our quantitative research, 1/3 of our users stated that they feel unmotivated to stream due to small viewer turnout.

How do we fix this problem?
Our research has led us to believe that we should promote the motivation to stream for our users by adding more tangible and real-world gifts for achievements further gamifying the experience of twitch streaming. We carried this project out via a redesign of the current Twitch Achievement Page.
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